Welcome To Hyunji Ltd.

Hyunji Ltd is the first importer in the UK, which focuses on providing highly reliable keyless smart door locks as well as GPS NTP time server from South Korea and Japan.

We are providing home and office security environment regarding entry control with cutting edge technology that removes any security anxiety with Keyless smart door lock systems. The customers using our keyless smart door locks are fully satisfied as they never wait outside their home when they forget to bring their keys or waste money cutting new keys when they lose their keys.

Moreover, our compact GPS NTP time server is being used widely to adjust and keep the correct time and date in offline environment such as top security office spaces, non-use internet place or extremely huge industrial facilities. It provides our clients not only the stable system management and maintenance but also excellent risk management. 

Our cooperative business partners are located in Korea and Japan who exclusively support our comprehensive product range and installation technique. Our highly skilled engineers are available to install our wide range of keyless smart door locks and GPS NTP time servers.

Who Is Hyunji Ltd

Our mission is to provide total home and industrial facility security and peace of mind by supplying our customers with completely reliable cutting edge technology.

We are mainly focusing on providing high tech Keyless Smart Door Locks and GPS NTP Time Server with installation service.

We provide comprehensive customer support in terms of product manufacturer guarantee, daily only support. Moreover, our local business members quickly solve any requests and questions our customers have.

We have a good working partnership with a number of security developers, local locksmiths and private builders who directly support our customers in various locations. Our local business members are constantly improving their skills with regular training courses we provide.

Our Korean and Japanese suppliers are providing us unique products to support the UK clients.

Keyless Smart Door Locks

Keyless smart door lock
Epic keyless smart door lock
Epic keyless smart door lock

We provide high tech keyless smart locks in the UK. Set up your chosen electronic PIN number in the door lock. As a back-up you are provided with a Digital Card. This means you no longer have to bring your heavy and inconvenient metal keys that you sometimes forget or lose. You will never wait outside your home or have to cut new keys.

We believe that our unique products and installation services will make you feel free from the stress to bring your keys.

About Smart Door Locks

Compact GPS NTP Time Server


Our compact size GPS NTP server will support your office or industrial facilities real time adjusted correct time and date in non-internet use environment. The time on electric products without internet is getting slow down such as microwave, oven or rice cooker in your kitchen. Your systems can have the same issue that the time and date are being slow down or display wrong data due to the fact that the system is not allowed to access the internet your security policies. It is very simple to install our GPS NTP server on your system using 5v USB connect for power supply and connecting the GPS antenna (up 30m) on rear side.

About GPS NTP Server