10 employees are working and the office door is opened many times.2017-09-19T19:30:07+01:00

It might be quite inconvenient if a lot of people use only one door that is automatically locked whenever the door is closed. Moreover, it can reduce a battery life. You can turn off the auto-lock function and touch the number screen when you want to unlock the door. Please find how to turn in off from a manual.

Can you buy the same product from Indonesia and order you only instrallation?2017-09-19T19:23:29+01:00

We can only support the products we directly provide our customers or though our local business members. If same type product is imported from another country without us, the product will not be in our manufacturer guarantee. However, we are able to install the product to your door.

Can I start selling and installation service without having a commercial store?2017-09-23T18:44:26+01:00

Yes, you can. Our local business members are not only locksmiths, but they are also self-employed freelancer locksmiths, builders, plumbers and construction companies. However, it is essential that you must take our training programme to understand our keyless smart door locks and how to install them.

I want to sell your products in my location.2017-09-23T18:45:09+01:00

It is our pleasure to help local business improve by selling and installation services of our products. Please contact us by email with some information about your current business. Then, we will send you some membership condition and contract details.

How can I get a customer membership?2017-09-23T18:45:38+01:00

It is very important to register a UPN (unique product number) to get a customer membership. Our engineer will give you a UPN after installation completed, and you will send an email to us with the UPN you have and your address and contact number. We will be able to react with your membership details, which is strictly protected in British law, just in case that you have any questions or requests to us.

Does it have a fire alarm with your products?2017-09-23T18:46:10+01:00

Yes, it does. It would be very difficult to find out and insert a key to the lock whole in fire smoke, especially dead lock without a handle. However, our products will automatically unlock, when the temperature is much higher than normal. You will be able to very easily escape to the outside.

Where can I cut a master key (emergency key)?2017-09-23T18:47:06+01:00

Our emergency keys are highly secured so you will not be able to cut the key from any local locksmith. If you want to cut your emergency key, you should contact us with UPN (unique product number) and customer log in ID. After that, you will send us your emergency key, and a new key and the existing key you sent us will returned within 5 and 10 working days. It is not a free service so it is very important to keep the two emergency keys safely.

Why does the siren go off very loudly?2017-09-23T18:47:34+01:00

That is an anti-theft alarm going off. When someone tries to open the door without putting correct pin code or digital key, the loud alarm will go off. Also, the alarm will go off, if you enter the wrong PIN code more than 5 times. To stop the siren going off, please enter put correct pin code or digital key.  temporarily.

Why does it beep, 2 or 3 seconds after I closed the door?2017-09-23T18:48:37+01:00

Our keyless smart door locks have auto-lock function that the deadlock comes out after 2 or 3 seconds the door closes. However, if the door is not clearly closed or opened, the alarm will go off to remind you.

What if the battery is run out, when I am out.2017-09-23T18:49:11+01:00

There is an emergency connection (+ -) under the lock body so that you can connect a 9 volt battery to unlock the lock temporarily. After opening the door you will be able to replace all the battery (AA). Then, you do not have to put a new pin number as the previous security pin number is still registered even if it runs out of battery.

Why does the LED flash and alarm go off?2017-09-23T18:49:45+01:00

It is time to replace all the battery on the lock body. It will remind you for about 1 to 2 weeks before the battery runs out, and you will get enough time to put new batteries.

Can I additionally purchase digital keys?2017-09-23T22:26:04+01:00

Yes, you can. We provide 2 digital keys for putting your car key or existing key holders and 2 flat digital keys for putting your mobile phone. If you want to buy more digital keys, you are able to buy them from us or our local partner locksmiths.

Where and how can I buy?2017-09-23T18:50:43+01:00

You are able to purchase our products directly from us or from the local locksmith in your area. We strongly recommend that you use our installation service as we provide a one year warranty. Our engineer or local locksmith we send you will visit your house to install it professionally. Please contact us first, if you are thinking of replacing your existing door lock or buying a new door.

Can those products fit to any doors?2017-09-19T17:15:21+01:00

First of all, you should check the lists below.

  • The door must be wooden.
  • The thickness of your door should be over 5cm.
  • There is an entrance roof at the front door.
  • The length of the deadlock on your door should not be over 14cm.
  • Your door can be cut or made a whole to insert deadlock and handle.

If you send me some picture of where your door lock is, we will analyse whether or not our products suit your door.

  • Handle inside
  • Handle outside
  • Door side where deadlock is installed
  • Wall side of Door lock


Can I replace my Yale lock to your 3 way Smart Push door lock?2017-09-23T18:51:41+01:00

Our smart push door locks are designed for replace of Yale sub door lock and usually it is fit to wooden doors. However, our engineer might cut the door wall side to install door lock body.

How long does it take to install a main door lock?2017-09-23T18:52:13+01:00

It depends on your door condition but usually take 2~3 hours. If you have to leave your house before the installation completed, we will lock the door and text you a security pin number after finishing our work. When you come back, you are able to unlock your house door with the 4 digit PIN code we provided you.

Is it waterproof?2017-09-19T17:33:46+01:00

Our products provide normal waterproof life for instance humidity and short and low level raining. However, the entrance roof is highly recommended to prevent from any mechanical fault from water.

How long is the battery life?2017-09-23T18:52:40+01:00

The battery life of our products is approximately 12 months of normal usage. However, our most customers tend to use our products more than 18 months with 4 AA batteries. If you add the remote control function, the battery life can be reduced slightly.

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