Our Compact GPS Time Server Will Support Your System Contant Adjust Time

No need connecting the internet as it automatically receives GPS signal to correct the time.

High Vision Tech ETS-204(G3)

Compact GPU NTP Time Server powered by 5V USB port or adaptor

Product Summary

Our Network Time Protocol (NTP) server is a digital device which constantly adjusts the internal clock (RTC) of ATM booth, street CCTV devices, medical information recording devices, commercial time equipment, crime prevention recorder (DVR), POS cash register, etc. to the correct GPS time.

You can always receive accurate, immediate time information using the GPS (& GLONAS) signal of the satellite and synchronize with the network (LAN or RS-232).

GPS NTP Time Server
GPS NTP Time Server

Product Feature

  • Compact and lightweight

Approximately 1/4 of A4 paper, the world’s smallest level compact size

(Size: 12cm x 10cm x 3cm, weight about 150g)

  • Delivery time stabilisation function

If GPS/GLONASS radio waves cannot be received for 24 hours or more, the NTP server (time distribution) will automatically stop, and if GPS (GLONASS) radio waves are received again, the NTP server (time distribution) will automatically restart.

  • System stability with RTOS

Due to the RTOS (Real Time Operating System) installed, the possibility of OS or software failure or freeze is extremely low and stable operation is possible, for a long period of time.

  ★ There is no need for regular reboots.

  ★There is no need to worry about product OS/software damage due to power failure or forced termination.

  • Noise correspondence

Thorough guard against reception of abnormal time due to noise (equipped with double safety device)

  • GPS antenna can be extended up to 35m

Dedicated GPS antenna can be extended up to 35 m (standard accessory = GPS antenna 5 m + extension cable 10 m = total 15 m)

*The main unit of the product can be wired and extended over long distances by using a general-purpose network cable and hub (HUB).

  • No internet connection required

The time information is received directly from the GPS satellite, so no internet connection is required. No hacking of the system is possible.

The time of interlocking devices (PCs and business devices) can always be maintained accurately even within a VPN or closed network.

NTP Time Server GPS cable
GPS NTP Server Setting
  • It can be installed while checking the GPS reception status at the site with the antenna display on the LCD screen of the main unit.
  • In addition to GPS, you can now also receive from GLONASS satellites.

Depending on the connected antenna, the GPS/GLONASS combined reception system can be used. GPS dedicated antenna included as standard (GPS/GLONASS dual-use antenna is an optional item)

  • Safety (with delivery time stabilization function)

If GPS/GLONASS signals cannot be received for 24 hours or more, the NTP server (time distribution) will automatically stop, and if GPS (GLONASS) signals are received again, the NTP server (time distribution) will automatically restart.

Even if the server time is initialized due to a site trouble (lightning strike, etc.), even if it does not make sense (1900, etc.), the automatic stop function of the NTP server works to prevent the time with a large error from being transmitted to the interlocked device. Equipped with various safety devices.

  • Durability

All parts are designed according to commercial specifications, so stable operation is possible for a long time.

All ETS-204 parts are selected for 24-hour field operation (indoor) for more than 5 years.

  • Scalability

Dedicated protocol can be installed and transmitted via RS-232 port (customization required)

*The standard RS-232 time transmission information is based on the time data transmission protocol specifications for some domestic business equipment. (Refer to communication message sample)

* When installing the GPS antenna outdoors, please store it in a plastic box, etc.

(The metal storage box cannot be used because it does not receive GPS signals.)

GPS NTP Time Server backside

Product Details



SIGNAL IN: GPS antenna cable (5m、included)、 antenna extension cable (10m、included)

SIGNAL OUT: RJ-45(network LAN port), 9pin D-SUB(RS-232 serial data port)

INDICATOR: LCD screen (mono), LED indicator (operating: green、error: orange)


Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

Windows net time

RS-232 DATA Protocol

NETWORK: IP address、subnet mask、gateway (manual set)

DATE&TIME DATA SAVE: Internal Lithium Rechargeable Battery (SEIKO LITHIUM 5.5 mA )

※ RTC battery (approx.. 15 days date and time information keeping)

POWER VOLTAGE: DC 5V adapter(included) or USB power (5V)


OPERATION TEMPORATURE & HUMIDITY: 0℃ ~ 40℃ ・ 0% RH~80% RH (Non-condensing)

WEIGHT: 150g

SIZE: 120 x 100 x 30 (mm)