How many keys do you have? Are keys necessary in the 21st century? The answer is NO! KEYLESS SMART DOOR LOCKS


We provide high tech keyless smart locks in the UK. Set up your chosen electronic PIN number in the door lock. As a back-up you are provided with a Digital Card. This means you no longer have to bring your heavy and inconvenient metal keys that you sometimes forget or lose. You will never wait outside your home or have to cut new keys.

We believe that our unique products and installation services will make you feel free from the stress to bring your keys.


Have You Ever Done These At Home?

If you have done at least 2 thing below, it would be the right time to replace your old style door lock to our keyless smart door lock.




Waiting outside as I lost my keys again

It is quite common that people lose their keys somewhere and are waiting outside until their family or flat-mates come back.


Children locked out

Some time you did not expect that you would be later than your children coming back home or your children arrived earlier than you.

Waiting outside as you forget to bring your keys

Your wife or husband is out, but you recognise as soon as you closed your front door that your keys are inside.


Having too many keys

You might have flat main entrance, front, room, storage, office, desk, cabinet as well as your car remote and keys. It is inconvenient to bring all of them and find out the right key from the huge number of keys.



Always finding your key in front of the front door

Imagine that it is very cold and dark day and you want to go into your home immediately, but you have no idea where the key is in your bag.

Difficult to insert your key as always coming back late

Even though you finally found the key, you are not able to insert the key to the door lock whole as there is no light at the entrance.


Owning our products will eradicate key mistakes!

Now is the best time to increase your home entrance security level as well as your life more convenient.

Have You Ever Done These At Work?

This is an essential time to discuss with your boss or team members about replacing the ancient office door lock because endlessly improving your work performance is the most important responsibility to develop your company business.

Difficulties in managing your offices

Managing many office rooms

The management performance of office rooms cannot be improved with traditional lock systems. Our keyless smart door lock system can improve your office room management with master digital cards.


Need access control of employees

In our keyless smart door lock system you can simply control your employees entering without keys. Moreover, our auto-lock function will make sure the room doors are always locked.

Only one key to lock your office entrance

For security reason you want to reduce the number of employee’s spare keys. Work can be delay, if the employee forgets to bring the office entrance key. You can prevent from this with our keyless smart door locks.


Owning our products will eradicate key mistakes!

Now is the best time to increase your office entrance security level and to remove any common management mistakes about using keys.

Do You Want To Expand Your Business?

It is not easy to manage a local locksmith business, and you might think how to expand your current business. As today people use 21st century technology in every aspect of their lives, working with us will be the most profitable opportunity to develop your own electronic door lock business.

Improve your local business

Increase the turn over of your door lock sales

You might want to grow the income from your local business. Another way to gradually increase your lock sales is to sell and install our keyless smart door locks in your location. This new business market is a huge opportunity to incorporate our digital door locks with your current business.



Joining the UK housing boom

As you already know construction and rebuilding are one of the hottest business categories in the UK at the moment. This means that not only new doors but also existing door locks are being replaced. Our unique and reliable security products maximise the value of new houses as well as redecorating existing houses for sale or rent.

Making business successful together

We believe in local business. This is our priority to support your business with our highly developed technology. The market is changing from the current key lock system for houses and offices to the digital door lock system. These fantastic opportunities are being taken up by other locksmith business owners. Please do not miss this and contact us right now.


Working with us can make your business develop dramatically!

Just contact us to discuss how to obtain the advantages of selling and servicing our keyless smart door lock products in your location.
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